Physical Security sERVICES


Personal & Family Services

Our mission is to help you protect what matters most.  Our staff comes together with over 100 years experience in designing Intrusion Detection Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems. Let us help you achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing what's important to you is safe while you're away.  Our catalog of individual Fire Arm training contains something suitable for each member of your family.  From safe handling and operation for children and beginners, to enthusiasts seeking to become professional instructors, our staff can tailor courses to meet your individual needs.

Armed Protective Services, LLC Services for Home and Business

Why chose Armed Protective Services, LLC?  Because we provide you with the highest quality training from a pool of instructors with over 150 years of combined firearms training, hunting, law enforcement and military experience.   Our services range from massive security assessments that draw upon our civil engineering experience to our access to current threat intelligence, to individual protective posture training and certification.

Business & Government Services

For large clients, our primary service is the Business Physical Security Assessment.   This serves as the foundation of our customer relationship.  This package includes benefits such as a comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Assessment, Industry Compliance Analysis, Intrusion Detection Design Audit, and Plans & Policy Review.  It's from this foundation that learn how to best protect your assets and team.  Our team stands ready to work along side you for system design, Security Plans & Policy  development, and follow on Staff Training.


We draw upon previous school & workplace incidents, the evolution of law enforcement response, and current response tactics to deliver an effective guide for developing planned action in the event of an incident.  Our focus is to best inform your team on how to react during an incident.  Items we tailor to your organization are:

  • Facility lock-down procedures

  • What to do when law enforcement arrives

  • Potential Employer / Personal responsibilities

Small business & home
intrusion detection system 

Intrusion Detection System Design and Installation efforts are planned and resourced specifically for the unique needs of each home or facility.  For more information and a free consult, contact us today.  

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V.I.P. Protective Services

V.I.P. security detail services are planned and resourced specifically for each unique effort.  We provide this service upon request, generally reserved for our existing business clients. For more information and a free consult, contact us today.