John Preuss - Owner and Instructor

Retired after 33 years as a Federal Officer; 20 year Air Force Veteran; NRA Certified Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Instructor; NRA Training Counselor DHS Federal Firearms Instructor / Range Safety Officer and Illinois State Police, Utah BCI and Florida State Approved Concealed Carry Instructor.  Counter Ambush Instructor Certified, Active Shooter Instructor and more!

While in Federal Law Enforcement and the Military John was the Chief of Air Base Ground Defense Instructors, Commander of a Counter Terrorist Team, SWAT Team Member and Leader, trained with and certified by German Spezialeinsatzkommandos (SEK).  Veteran of many National and International Competitions.  Deployed to Desert Storm in 1991 and Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

John's goal for APS is to provide the best, interactive, high quality, professional, advanced, technically sound training using advanced training LASR systems and more.



Armed Protective Services, LLC

Jim Kolba -Instructor

30+ years of firearms experience. Owned and operated a Federally licensed firearms business for over 10 years as well as licensed hunting guide in the state of Illinois. Jim has shot
competitively for both ATA and USPSA and is a current CCW holder himself.

Jim is an NRA Certified Basic pistol Instructor. He currently holds position as the DECON team leader for the states WMDT, as well as an all hazards emergency planner and trainer, specializing in radiological emergency response.